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...there is no power but from God.

Note: Click for Part I, Part II, or Part III of the Legion Statement
on the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon

which were released on September 12, September 17, and October 16, 2014.

For those lost in the destruction,
Requiem aeternam dona eis Domine,
et lux perpetua luceat eis.

Vision Statement

The Legion of St. Louis has for its aim the permeation of society with the Faith, the molding of the Social Order according to Catholic Truth, and the reestablishment of temporal authority in its proper place in submission to, not triumph over, Our Lord.

The organization will strive for this general vision in three specific ways:

1) Uniting Catholic men ideologically around the teachings of Fr. Fahey and the Distributists, as they possessed the most coherent vision of how to conform all aspects of public and social life to Catholic principles. We seek to accomplish this aim via education and vigorous propaganda concerning the essentials of doctrine, its implementation in the temporal order, and frequent analysis/commentaries on the modern situation.

2) The implementation in the members' personal lives, insofar as is possible given the constraints of circumstances, of the Social Teachings of the Church as adapted to our modern situation (i.e., practicing in #2 what we preach in #1).

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3) The diffusion of our way of life, as laid out in #1 and practiced in #2, insofar as the Lord allows. We envision the eventual setup of small communities where the Social Doctrine can be lived and where Our Lord can reign unencumbered. These communities will not serve to cut us off from the rest of the world. We intend to remain engaged with the world as necessary to spread our ideological principles and to combat, within the limits of prudence and circumstances, the Judeo-Masonic tendencies of the modern social order. The communities will serve, however, as 1) a living example of a Christian Temporal Order; 2) a base of operation for Catholic militants who intend to wage the prudent yet real ideological and political (1) war against the public and social apostasy; and 3) a haven of sanity for the moral and mental health of integral Catholics.

Our work will be based in principle on the Revealed Truth of Our Lord as taught integrally by the Infallible Teaching Authority of Holy Mother Church for 2014 years and in spirit on a robust spiritual life, subject to the disposition of each of the members, and in conformity with the traditional practices of the Church. Regarding the spiritual life, we read the Soul of the Apostolate not as a condemnation of action, but as a reminder to us, who take action for granted, that our activities will be blessed with good fruit insofar as militants are filled with love of Our Lord and Zeal for His Glory.

(1) By "political" we mean public and social, not participation in our modern two-party farce.